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Updated: Oct 8, 2019

How do you make the best off road bike light better? Well Gemini has done it again. By taking their winning formula and improving upon it. With improved battery design, beam pattern, new OLED screen display and USB charge functionality, Gemini’s Titan re-establishes itself as the premier off road bike light but without the premium price tag.

Sample video

The previous ‘Gemini Titan’ used to punch well above its weight with the high-end brands. It had incredible punch considering its small size and weighed in at just 150g. This new version continues with its winning formula, programmable settings with output between 20% to a full whopping 100% and 4000 lumens. You still get the wireless bar remote and excellent battery life however this new version also comes with an all new improved battery design, OLED screen display and a USB charger port for other USB charge functionality . The beam pattern has been tweaked also, the new optic is now 25 degrees compared to the original 15 degrees.

Specs. (our version tested)


High 4000 lumens max. 2hrs

Med 2000 4.5 hrs

Low 400 23hrs

Battery 60Wh 4-cell battery


130g Light Head. Battery: 350g


Hard Anodized Aluminium


Charging and Thermal Protection Low Battery Warning

In the Box:

Titan Light High Capacity Battery Smart USB Charger Built-in Handlebar Mount Silicone O-Rings Wireless Remote

USB C charger cable

What's in the box?

All high-end bike lights usually come in two types; CFD (Cable Free Design) a self-contained battery light or a separate light & battery pack combination.

The Titan itself is always a lot smaller than you would expect and sits perfectly over the center stem and handlebars. Made from machined aluminium and attached to the bars via two silicone O-rings it provides a very secure attachment. The O-ring style attachment also means the light is quick and easy to move between bikes. The wireless remote also attaches via a single O-ring provided.

The newly designed battery is safely kept in a hard protective case, which securely straps with velcro to the top tube. Some riders thinking of using an external battery pack maybe put off but not us. It is very stable and of no concern when riding. The battery now comes with a USB-C charge port which is extremely useful should the need come to charge other devices such as mobile phones. This could be vital in case of an emergency with a low phone battery should it be needed. It also comes with its own capacity and charge indicator level, so no more guessing how much charge you have left.

The TITAN gets its name from the huge lumen output from six, yes six Cree LEDs housed in the anodised aluminium unit. They emit an incredible clean light with a great combined even beam spread and throw offering excellent vision. A new great feature is the OLED screen display; this provides the rider the current battery level, light power level and the remaining battery run time. A very reassuring feature for longer night rides.

The wireless remote has four modes available from two buttons. One button controls the on/off and cycles through low, medium, high and flash settings. The lights also programmable allowing the user to pick from ten levels of brightness between 10% and 100%. The other button gives you a cool ‘dip’ setting that when pressed lowers the beam to a minimal setting, so perfect when commuting road sections and oncoming traffic. The two buttons are also very easy to operate when wearing thicker winter style gloves.

The Gemini also comes with standard safety features, such as overheat protection and low battery warning. It also gives you the confidence of having a quality battery pack & charger that you could if desired leave on charge overnight without the risk of burring your house down, like you can get with the cheaper cree lights available from well-known auction sites.

Summary Light technology continues to progress with many brands now available on the market. The new Gemini Titan now provides additional rider functionality and improved design. It remains at the high-end premium sector of the market but does not come with a premium price. Overall, it remains in our opinion the best off road mtb bike light. It has everything you want, reliability, dependability, incredible brightness and long burn times. Finally, it is extremely compact and lightweight.

Congratulations Gemini you have done it again!

Expect to find this and their new range of lights available on their website or in a bike shop near your very soon.


Founded in Canada in 2010, Gemini Lights is a new leading contender in the high performance LED bike light industry. As a rider-owned company, they engineer functional and durable bicycle lights to make your night riding a safe and enjoyable experience.

Included in the new line up is the 2200 lumen Gemini Duo which packs a serious punch.

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