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Vintage Times searches the world for the most unique artefacts at the greatest rates from their select international collectors. They pledge to uphold our reputation for providing the greatest in Antique, Vintage, and New Engagement rings, as well as an unrivalled variety of other jewellery. Plus, for clients who want something unique that they can't get in the mainstream, they also offer New Custom Jewellery Designs and a Bespoke service.

There is a large selection of vintage jewellery on the website, including rings, pendants, bracelets, brooches, necklaces, and men's brooches and rings. You may get those items in a variety of gemstones, precious and non-precious metals, and item kinds. Amethyst, Aquamarine, Topaz, Diamond, Cameo, Jade Opal, Pearls, and other gemstones are examples. You may make an appointment in our studio on Darling Street in Rozelle now or browse the products on the website.

Vintage Times

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