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Mini Enduro Entries Open

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Mini Enduro is back in FoD 10th September . Entries now open .

Mini Enduro race Four Stages in the Forest of Dean, Practice in the morning and race on 4 Stages in the afternoon


Please Note due to new Forestry Charges we have had to separate the race fee and booking for this race. (The total price remains the same)


Registration is from 8.00am to 11.00am Practice 9.00am to 11.15pm Racing start 11.30pm Start Times in registration on Sunday morning.

The Format

The Haibike Mini Enduro’s take place over one day and will be of a shorter distance to allow riders to practice the stages before the start of the race later in the day.

The format is practice in the morning and race in the afternoon over the 4 stages, there will be nice easy transitions times between stages with no penalties for arriving late.

The stages will be gravity, just blasting down the best of piste trails in FoD.

Distance will vary but expect around 10 miles to complete the route. With a morning practice lap and the race you will cover around 15 miles. The transitions will follow the marked route to keep everyone going in the right direction.

You are not timed between the stages but you are given a stage start time to try to keep everyone in their categories.

All stage times will be added together to produce the overall results for each category.

Race HQ

Pedal a bike away, Coleford GL16 7EH

We also have additional free parking for competitors at Worcester lodge field and over night camping for a small fee.

Forest of Dean (FOD). E-Bikes: must have a maximum speed limited to 15.5mph.

The map for the stages will be released on Friday of the race day.

Who can race? if your 14 or over have a mountain bike and a helmet then you can race.

Saturday – Forest is open open to ride as normal (normal riding day fee) the stages are marked out but with no marshals or medics on the stages.

Start Times will be posted in Registration on Sunday Morning.

The race order is fastest first in each Category:

Ebikes Elite Senior Master Veteran Super Veteran Under 18 – 14 to 18 Hardtail 13+ Women Master Women Fun Men Fun Women


There are minimum 3 stages in each event, with transfers in between these transfers are not timed and do not count for the overall standing. Special stages close at a specified time, to ensure the event finishes on time. Riders will be notified at registration on the morning of the event


An all mountain bike is ideal for these races but any mountain bike is allowed

E-bikes hardtail, short travel, long travel, 29” a downhill bike but not recommended with the riding in-between transfer stages. Only one Bicycle can be used during an event, including any transition stages. Competitors must start and finish the competition on the same frame, fork and wheels.

E-Bikes or E-MTB

All bikes used to compete within the E-bike class at the mini enduro races should comply with the current eu directive and abide by the rules in force.

An assisted maximum speed limited to 15.5mph.


A helmet (open or full face) must be worn during all race and transition stages. Knee and elbow protectors are advisable.

All Competitors must be self-sufficient and prepared for a varying climate as well as any basic mechanical repairs. Consideration should be given to the nature of the course and the length of time the event may take to complete. This course is marked with signs and with some sections that are taped if a specific line should be taken on the stage.

If a competitor leaves the trail/course, they must re-enter at the same point and must restore the tape as they found it.


On site there is the Pedleabikeaway cafe with a bike wash.

Camping and Parking.

Car Parking free in the Event field

Overnight parking or camping in the event field is £10 for the weekend.

Registration – Peddle a bike away Cafe

Important information

Saturday – Mini Enduro

Registration Opens at Registration Closes at 4.00pm

Sunday – Mini Enduro

Registration Opens 8.00am Registration Closes at 11.00am

Refunds and Transfers:

If you wish to cancel a booking please note the following cancellation conditions:

29+ days notice: Entry fee minus a £15.00 administration charge per race cancelled. Refunds will be credited back to the card on which you originally paid within 28 days of your notice in writing to 28 days or less, no refund. Transfer requests with 29 days notice are applicable for any remaining events in that year. Transfer requests 28 days or less notice are not applicable. Please note you can not swap your entry with another rider. The race weekend starts from 15:00 on the Friday before therefore the timescales above mean all e-mails must be received by our deadline which is 4 weeks before the 15:00 on the Friday before the race day. The above policies are not dependant on circumstances and are final.

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