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Join me for a social ride to chat about all things Turbo Specialized!

Updated: Apr 30

Update : 30th April , numbers are now very limited, almost full.

Join me for a social ride to chat all things Turbo Specialized!  


The ride will be here in the Forest of Dean on the 18th of May. 

All you need is your own Specialized Turbo E-Bike. 

This first ride will be themed on the amazing Turbo Levo. Specialized most established Turbo E-Bike model on the market today.

Future rides will also focus on the Levo/Kenevo SL platforms.


What's it for?

1. To Connect Directly with You: As Specialized ambassadors, we’re thrilled to engage with our incredible community on a social and informal level. 

2. Feedback Matters: Your insights matter! Share your thoughts on our products, services, and rider care. We’re all ears and committed to continuous improvement.

3. Direct Line to the Manufacturer: Be the voice! This ride will provide a channel for you to share feedback with Specialized. Your input shapes our future.



*  Community Bonding: Meet fellow Specialized riders, swap stories, and forge connections.

*  Exclusive Insights: The future, get insider updates on upcoming releases, tech, and more.

*  Prizes: I’ll treat you to a free tea/coffee and a slice of cake as a thanks for coming.

*  Cost: It’s FREE!

Drop me a email if you want to join me and for further details. Numbers will be very limited but are open to all Specialized enthusiasts - whether you’re a seasoned rider or just getting started. Don’t worry if you miss out this time, more social rides will be coming soon. 


Note: This is a social ride only on official trails and not a guided ride or demo day. You ride your bike on whatever trails you feel comfortable with.


FoDMTB Specialized Levo Social Ride

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