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Harvesting Staunton

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Forest operations in Staunton around the area of High Meadow woods are planned to start this week.

🌲 The first operation involves thinning and clearfelling the infected Larch, to the west of Headless Hill, this will allow the remaining other trees room to grow further. We will restock this area with Oak, small-leaved lime and other minor native species.

🌲 There will also be further routine conifer thinning operations around Redding’s Inclosure.

We may have to close or divert some paths around these areas too. Please obey all banks person instructions and operational and biosecurity signage you may see in this area, even if you cannot see or hear anyone working.

Our safety signage is there to keep you safe and help prevent the spread of this disease to other woodlands.

⚠️ Remember to clean your boots, bikes or muddy paws of all mud and dirt after your visit to reduce the risk of spreading any diseases in other woodlands.

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