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Important Phytophthora

🌳You might have seen us post here before about tree disease and biosecurity, and how important it is when looking after the forest and trails.

Our colleagues in the operations team are currently working on Staple Edge (the hillside above Mallards Pike) to fell larch trees affected by Phytophthora, which is the same disease which forced the total closure of Revolution Bike Park in North Wales last year. If you know the area, you will already have seen the impact of Phytophthora on the hillside.

👏Please👏 obey the closures and don't remove tape or barriers - they are there to keep you and other visitors safe. Large forestry vehicles will be operating in that area, and trails might be damaged or blocked entirely.

If you are planning on visiting Staple Edge, please take extra care to clean your boots, kit and bike before and after to help avoid spreading the disease further across the forest.

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