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LaunchPad Trail Refurb

Love mountain biking in the Forest of Dean? Then we need your help!

Launchpad, one of the most popular downhill trails in the Forest, needs some serious maintenance work. This purpose-built accessible track is ridden by over 60,000 riders a year, and the numbers have only grown over 2020. Your donations will help us repair and refresh the trail, keeping it running smoothly for months to come.

Did you know that the majority of the trails in the Forest are funded and maintained by the Dean Trail Volunteers? We rely on donations, table sales and races to fund the repair and development work we do, but with the Covid-19 pandemic all these sources have dried up.

We love seeing riders enjoy the tracks we’ve built and maintained for over 11 years, and if every rider gave just a few pounds, we could fund this repair work - and much more!

The Launchpad Campaign aims to raise £24,500 to repair and refresh Launchpad, and would allow us to bring in Back on Track Mountain Bike Solutions, a professional mtb trail building company. This would make the work quicker and more efficient, means that work could continue in case of another lockdown or tier limitations, and means the DTV team can work on trail repairs on other tracks at the same time.

- £8,800 would allow us to repair and resurface the braking holes, reshape some of the problem areas and repair the landslip.

- £24,500 would allow us to reshape the whole trail and repair all damage including the landslip

Any and every donation will make a huge difference, but we also have some very special fundraising rewards on offer:

- Donate £30 and above - receive a limited edition Launchpad t-shirt as a thank you for your donation!

- Donate £100 and above - have your name added to our roll of honour, a thank you plaque that will be placed at the top of the trail

- Donate £500 and above - an EXCLUSIVE opportunity to be one of the first few people to ride the newly reopened Launchpad AND a photoshoot on the trail

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