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🚨 Please stay off GBU 🚨

Repost by FE . Please please please stay OFF GBU until officially open .

We get questions about when GBU will re-open every day - the answer is always "when it's ready". This is why - the selfish few who choose to ignore that answer and ride it anyway ruin it for everyone else.

We know we are probably preaching to the choir here, but if you or someone you know decided to remove the tape and barriers from GBU this weekend, this is the result. We will need to re-rake and re-compact this section, and wait for it to harden off, again.

If you've ever been involved in trail building, you will know that it is part art, part science. It is very weather dependent, and we have been pretty unlucky with the weather this summer. We want this trail open more than anyone, but every time someone rides it before it's ready, this opening just gets further away.

Respect the trail builders, respect the investment of public money and staff time, respect the other 99% of riders who wait patiently, and do not ride closed trails.

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