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RP Bike Tech !

Time to introduce you to RP BikeTech!

RP BikeTech was formed from a passion to share what we know and love. Founded by Rich Parkes in 2020, at a time when many want to keep knowledge a secret, we found ourselves wanting to do quite the opposite.

Being a Cytech Level 3 qualified “Master Technician” and with over a decade of experience in bicycle mechanics, from every day recreation or commuter bikes, right through to top-end custom builds and the demands of race day spannering, there’s very little Rich hasn’t done or seen first hand.

Driven by a burning desire to inspire others to ‘give it a go’, RP BikeTech is here to smooth the transition from novice to competency. Whether you’re a tentative bike tinkerer wanting to improve your confidence or a budding race team mechanic yearning to learn some more tips-of-the-trade, we can almost certainly help.

Courses are coming but in the mean time feel free to explore our website and sign up to be notified as soon as courses go live!

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