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This weekend 5th February

Update from the Cycle Rangers 📣 Pylon Works 📣

@western_power_distribution have been making swift progress replacing the 100 year old metal pylons and are on schedule so far:

✅The Advanced Skills Area is back open, and the final sections of GBU, Mr Rooty and Endo are going to reopen later today.

✅ All carparks will be open for the weekend

❌ The bottom half of Ski Run is going to be closed into next week, and possibly beyond depending on how things go.

❌ The bottom half of Sheepskull will be closed early next week.

❌ The final descent on Verderers will also be closed for one day next week - precise date TBC

Please stay away from any cordoned off areas around the site - the machinery used during the work has made a bit of a mess in places and we need to keep some areas closed until they are made good.

We will be posting more updates next week, so stay tuned.

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