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Use of illegal motorcycles

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This weekend we received reports of people riding electric motorbikes on the cycle trails. Driving motorised vehicles in our nation’s forests without permission is illegal, whether they are electric-powered or fuel.

These vehicles are different from e-bikes which require riders to pedal to engage the motor. Electric motorbikes are powered with the press of a button and so are legally defined as motor vehicles. They can be dangerous – not only for the riders but for other people trying to enjoy the forest. They can be high powered, fast and quiet, so people may not hear them approaching.

Whilst the damage in this photo might not look like much, the trails simply cannot sustain this kind of use, especially at this time of year with the wet weather and soft trail surface.

If you see any inappropriate activity in the forest, please report it either to us or to the police on 101. You can report damage on the trails to:

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