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WyeDean Rally Saturday 15th October

Be careful if you're out riding the FoD.

Very Important - If you usually walk, run, dog walk, ride etc in the forest and would like to avoid the rally use these woods:

Sallowvallets - Wimberry Quarries Area

Russells Enclosure - Above Cannop Ponds

Nags Head Plantation,

Yorkley Wood - In Yorkley behind the football pitch.

Flaxley Woods,

Edgehills Nature Reserve

Oakenhill Wood, Lydney

High Meadow -Christchurch Area to the river Wye

Ruardean Hill & The Pludds,

May Hill,

Newent Woods etc.

Google these named locations for directions.

Note: Saturday 15th October

The full Family Cycle Route will have restricted access.

The 10k Run area at Mallards will have restricted access.

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1 Comment

It would help if a map for the coming rally was published. Knowing the names of the various woodland areas isn’t always easy.

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